Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samuels's knee 'likely to be an issue all season'

With there already being at least some concern that the Redskins' offense may not be significantly better even with a healthy offensive line, left tackle Chris Samuels, the line's most important cog, is having problems with his right knee. The injury isn't considered to be serious right now, but it could hamper Samuels throughout the season.

The Washington Post's Barry Svrluga elaborates:

Samuels's right knee, though, is likely to be an issue all season, Coach Jim Zorn said. It bothered the 10-year veteran regularly last year, and he underwent minor surgery this offseason.

"He did great," Zorn said Sunday. "His knee was sore coming into the game. There was some questions as far as whether he felt like he could go, and he and our trainers worked together to put it all together and he had a good 20 plays."

Zorn acknowledged, though, that the athletic training staff, as well as the coaches, will have to monitor Samuels regularly if he is to make it through the season healthy.

"I think the training camp takes its toll," Zorn said. "And then once we get into the season, where you're playing on it once a week and the practices are not as physical -- they're more technical -- I think that will really help him."

Samuels should be fine; he's tough and has played through pain plenty of times before, I'm sure. But if his knee doesn't improve and he's forced to miss time, the Redskins could be in for a long season.

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