Monday, August 17, 2009

Paulus refuses to go away, named starting QB

On one hand, it's rather impressive that Greg Paulus went from playing basketball at Duke to being named the starting quarterback at Syracuse. On the other hand, Paulus's name will be mentioned in the sports world for at least a few more months. So that's unfortunate.

And in case you're still wondering (hopefully you're not), Paulus is still a scrapper:

Orange head coach Doug Marrone officially named the former Duke basketball player as his starting quarterback on Monday night, even though Paulus has not played football in four years and has never played a collegiate snap. . . . "He has instincts that are hard to teach," Marrone said. "He knows how to look people off, how to take control of the game and how to change plays.

"If you had ever met Greg Paulus, you'd understand and I wouldn't get a lot of the questions that I get," Marrone said. "If something can be accomplished, he can do it."

Marrone's exactly right; just take a look at how Paulus successfully demonstrates proper defensive positioning:

It's a shame that Paulus won't have any hardwood floor to slap before he takes the field for Syracuse.

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