Friday, July 10, 2009

Theismann predicts solid season for Campbell

Speaking on Sirius NFL radio on Wednesday night, Joe Theismann said that he believes Jason Campbell will have an impressive 2009-2010 season:

"I think the one thing that I see more than anything is there's going to be some be consistency around him," Theismann said. "He's finally in a system where he actually gets to practice the same things that he practiced last year and he gets to grow from them. And as a quarterback or as anybody studying film, when you look at yourself on film, you know why you made certain decisions. In Jason's case, seven of the last nine years, or eight years, both college and professionally, when he looks at film, it doesn't apply to the coming year because it's all different, so he's never really growing during the season. He will in this particular year. I watched him in spring ball, in the OTAs and the minicamps [and he's] much more confident, much more comfortable.

"Last year, Jim Zorn rebuilt his throwing style. He's got great size, he's got a great arm, he's got a terrific work ethic. I think that this young man -- and he's in the last year of a contract, so there's super motivation there -- but I think he's going to have a football team around him that will be a much better football team than it was a year ago."

In Jason Campbell's third NFL season and his first in head coach Jim Zorn's offense, Campbell threw for 3,245 yards and 13 touchdowns and had 6 interceptions. He also posted a career-best quarterback rating of 84.3. Those numbers aren't spectacular, but his numbers -- passing yards, touchdowns, and quarterback rating -- have improved in each of his three seasons.

Still, the Redskins finished the season 28th in scoring (16.6 points per game), so the entire offense certainly needs to improve. If the offensive line can hold together and protect Campbell, which may be difficult with a possible combination of Stephon Heyer, Jeremy Bridges, and/or Mike Williams at right tackle, then it'll be time for the 27-year-old QB to step up. If not, he'll probably be playing elsewhere next season.


  1. Thanks Joe, for adding some common sense to the get rid of Jason talk.

  2. Yes, get rid of Jason so that the light finally comes on for him and he gets to play behind a real offensive line. We Skins fans are so clueless sometimes. But then I guess many of us mirror Little Danny's view of team building, i.e. "If a player doesn't blow up right away, he never will."

    Look, JC may or may not grow into a franchise QB. What I can say for sure though is that he hasn't had enough snaps over his career to know one way or the other. If he's still not getting it done after this season, THEN it's time to make a decision.

    However, giving a QB the boot after the equivalent of little more than two seasons worth of starts is way too soon IMHO. Just take a look at Eli Manning and Drew Brees' historical stats for an example of what I'm talking about. Neither of them figured things out until they'd started three or more seasons worth of games.

  3. JC has had more than enough time to show what can do. He has a losing record over nearly 2 and 1/2 seasons of starting. He has shown he lacks the accuracy and leadership required to take the skins anywhere. He needs to be traded for whatever the skins can get and TC needs to start. Colt and Chase need to develop until TC, age 38, retires.