Friday, July 10, 2009

Butler to Pech: 'I'm just a phone call or a text away'

I'm sure you're aware that Oleksiy Pecherov was part of the Wiz-T'Wolves trade that allowed the Wizards to acquire Mike Miller and Randy Foye.

What you might not have known is that Caron Butler is pretty close to "Stewie" and considers him to be a friend:

"Obviously he's one of my young boys," Butler said. "Having him come over here at a young age, having to teach him to be a pro, teaching him about this league on and off the court, coaching him and learning him and then losing him, it's tough. That's the nature of the business. But that doesn't stop our friendship. You see us out here together. If he ever needs anything, I'm just a phone call or a text away."

Well that sure was a nice thing for Butler to say; there's nothing "Tuff Juice" about that.

As for Pecherov's take, when he was asked about the trade, he seemed excited to take on his new challenge: "Hopefully I'm gonna stay healthy and I'm gonna get opportunity and chance to prove everyone I can really play in this league."

Good luck, Stewie. Get those buckets, son!


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