Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wizards close in on undesired record

I'm sure you already knew that the Wizards were pretty bad this year. After all, Ed Tapscott's crew is 15-51.

But I bet you weren't aware that Washington is close to accomplishing something that no other team has done in NBA history. That's right:

Washington is now 0-14 in the Southeast, two wins away from being the very first NBA team to go winless in its own division.

None of the other teams in the Southeast division -- the Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats, and Miami Heat -- are unbeatable or so great that the Wizards shouldn't be able to win at least one game against them. But again, the Wizards are terrible, and they're about to do just that.

The two remaining games are against the Bobcats on March 25 and Heat on April 4. So, at least the Wizards have a goal for the rest of the season: to avoid becoming historically bad.

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  1. Here's hoping they can keep choking and pull out that #1 Pick this summer. These games - like that victory they somehow pulled out against the Kings - are not going to get it done. Bastards.