Monday, March 23, 2009

Memphis reserve talks big after win

Memphis got by Maryland in Saturday's matchup rather easily; the Tigers won by a score of 89-70 and were never really threatened by the Terps. And Greivis Vasquez's words may have angered some of the Memphis players a little bit, but either way, the Tigers definitely won the game in convincing fashion.

But after the game, one player wasn't done talking: Pierre Henderson-Niles. Huh?

"We just beat them by 20 something points, so we shut him up real fast," Henderson-Niles said. "Whatever [Vasquez] said, we just came out and played and proved it on the court. ... "When I saw Maryland in the past on TV, they looked good, but we just showed them what Conference USA was about," he said.

Yeah, that's great and all. Memphis looked fantastic. But Henderson-Niles didn't exactly play a big part. In fact, he played three minutes in the game. I'm sure his one rebound, one block, one turnover, two personal fouls, and zero points were a huge key to the Tigers' victory.

I'm sure it must be nice to be a part of a great team that's on its way to the Sweet 16. But Henderson-Niles should just be glad that he's along for the ride. Vasquez may have made a poor decision to open his mouth before the game, but his 18 points were 18 more than Henderson-Niles contributed.

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