Monday, March 23, 2009

Whitlock is new to this whole 'picking games' thing

I didn't see this article by Jason Whitlock until last night, but it's essentially a picks column that he seemed to throw together before the NCAA Tournament began. He started off with a good-natured jab at his buddy Bill Simmons and then proceeded to botch each of his 10 game breakdowns:

My boy Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons does a terrific NFL picks column. His advice is terrible, but the column is hilarious.

... For my money, Northridge is the worst team in the tournament.

... It's a sexy pick to take the Saints in an upset. Ohio State isn't that good, especially without star David Lighty. Siena won a tournament game last year. But the Bucks are playing at home. Don't be stupid. The Saints don't have the size and won't have the composure to overcome a BCS team playing in a "home" arena.

... I know nothing about BYU. I'm sure the Cougars' roster is loaded with nice Mormon boys who recently completed their missions and are offended by the stereotypes being promoted by HBO's "Big Love." That's legitimately what I know about BYU. ... BYU 78-74.

And that's just a small sample size. Look, I like Whitlock's writing. He's controversial and different, and he's almost always interesting. But I didn't know anything about CS Northridge or BYU either, so maybe that's why I'm not writing a picks column. I know nobody can predict the future and that 'hindsight is 20/20,' but I don't think I've ever seen a column before with so many wrong game predictions -- even if he was just picking against the spread.

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