Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wizards vs. Sonics - First Installment of my Running Blog

It's about 10 pm right now, and the game should be starting in a few minutes. So before I get started, I'd just like to encourage everyone to go see the new movie "Pride" starring Bernie Mac and Wizards coach Eddie Jordan. I don't plan on seeing it, but it looks like it should be a phenomenal movie. Any movie with Tom Arnold playing the role of the coach of an evil/rival white swim team should be amazing.


Apparently Ray Allen isn't playing because of an ankle injury, which means that the Wizards have no excuse to lose this game. And yes, by saying that, I realize that they just might lose. Great. At least I get to enjoy another quality performance from the dynamic announcing duo that is Buckhantz and Chenier. I'm hoping for at least three daggers today, so maybe I'm being optimistic. Even a backbreaker or two would be more than acceptable.

It's also a good thing that Arenas isn't doing a missed shots for schools donation program. Now that would be something.

First Quarter

10:13- Buckhantz mentions that Jarvis Hayes may have gotten hurt again. And yes, there's a shot of Hayes in his tan suit. Good to see that his ability to be injury prone isn't affecting his style.

9:06- The Wizards appear to actually be playing defense. I don't think I'm watching the same team I saw yesterday.

8:45- Nevermind. They just gave a wide open layup to Luke Ridnour. On a different note, how about Oregon? They're in the Sweet 16, Fred Jones got some minutes for the amazing Blazers yesterday and apparently now is known as "Freddy." But does anyone know where Luke Jackson is?

7:23- While Chris Wilcox is shooting two free throws, I'd probably say that he's been the most productive former Maryland basketball player this year. Where are all of the former Terps players at? Blake and Dixon have been ok this year, but Francis has really gone downhill. Weird. You can't tell me that a healthy and energetic Mike Mardesich wouldn't be able to help the Wizards. OK, maybe not.

5:33- On the same play, Damien Wilkins runs over Arenas and then Jamison. He finally gets the charge call on the 2nd. Just an amazing play by Wilkins. He's really using his head out there. He also manages to get T'd up for his actions. Quality NBA basketball. Get excited all you Sonics fans!

Does anyone watch the Best Damn Sports Show Period? What makes it so damn good anyway? I know it's not Rob Dibble or John Salley.

4:03- Great drive by Arenas. I wish he'd drive the lane more rather than settling for 3s.

2:51- Anyway, Arenas hits a 3. I must not know what I'm talking about. But he does seem more in rhythm tonight. A good sign.

:50- The Wizards are really playing well right now. They are running the offense now and getting open looks. Maybe the game last night was just a fluke. Also, I like when Songalia's on the floor. I think he can really help this team , and I'd rather have him in there than Hayes anyday. Maybe this will be the game where he gets more minutes and shows what he can do.

26-19 Wizards at the end of the 1st

Second Quarter

Somehow the Sonics get 9 offensive rebounds in the FIRST QUARTER and are still down by 7. That's strange.

10:58- Michael Ruffin enters the game. Or as I prefer to call him, The Skull. How can anyone score on him without being completely afraid? I guess Wilcox doesn't care, and he just made a hook shot over him.

10:15- Some guy named Mickael Gelabale just entered the game for the Sonics. I'm sure several hundred fans just looked at their programs in confusion.

8:57- The Wizards haven't scored this quarter, and I'm going to take a guess here, but maybe that's because neither Jamison nor Arenas are in the game. That's always a good strategy Mr. Jordan. A little less acting, a little more coaching please.

While watching another Geico commercial for the 80 millionth time, I figured it would be a good time to question how a caveman and a gecko could have such a stranglehold over the insurance commercial world.

8:22- Songalia ends the drought with a jumper from the top of the key. That's what I like to see. He's the best white Wizards player since Steve Blake. Go Darius.

6:49- The only thing funnier than watching this Gelabale guy play, as he runs over Michael Ruffin, is listening to Buchhantz and Chenier trying to pronounce his name. They're saying it like they both have a mouthful of peanut butter.

5:10- Songalia hits another jumper. Also, I know I'm not at the game, but just by listening on TV, the atmosphere at the game seems terrible. There's almost no noise and no one seems excited at all. Playing for the Sonics seems really boring.

3:18- Wilcox just threw down a slam off a rebound. That's at least 3 dunks for him so far. He's really outworking Haywood, and he's already got 10 rebounds. It would be nice to get that kind of effort on the glass from someone on the Wiz. And I think Blatche should be that guy who can do it.

I just saw a commercial for Wendy's. Now don't get me wrong, I like Wendy's every now and then, but when was the last time you actually ate there? Be honest. 1 month ago? 2 months, longer? I'm disappointed in you Wendy's. Get your act together.

2:13- Wilcox dunks again. It sure would be nice to have someone play defense. 41-40 Sonics.

1:17- The refs call a carry on Luke Ridnour. I have nothing else to add, that should be surprising enough.

:51- Buckhantz has been surprisingly normal so far in the telecast. Kind of disappointing. Arenas just hit a 3 and has 18 points. A good performance so far.

Halftime... Wizards lead 47-43 despite Wilcox going for 16 and 11 in the first half. I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second half.

Third Quarter

They keep showing replays of one of Wilcox's dunks from the first half. Just an amazing play. But would I say it's more amazing than Billy Hoyle's miraculous half-court hook shot in "White Men Can't Jump" to get Gloria onto Jeopardy? Definitely not.

10:45- Arenas hits his third 3 of the game. Pretty good. The Sonics are playing hard, but maybe it's their coach's fault. He never looks overly concerned. Maybe it's a bad sign when your coach looks like a rocket scientist or college math professor.

9:13- Arenas picks up his 3rd foul, and of course, he goes over to talk to the ref. There's no way anyone in the league annoys the referees more than Arenas does. No way.

8:52- After Haywood commits a foul, he stomps his foot like a 5 year old boy who just got told by his mother that she won't buy him a firetruck. The Wizards, always a classy team.

8:10- Arenas hits his 5th 3-pointer. Maybe he's onto something here. Anyway, I think I'm already tired of Buckhantz saying "Hibachi" and "Gilbertology." These phrases are reaching the same annoying level as "Manny being Manny." They've got to stop.

7:55- Wilcox dunks again. You'd think this was slamball or something.

7:10- I think I actually heard some fans booing after a bad call. It's good to see that they're alive.

There usually comes a time in every Wizards game where they let the other team back in the game and they either get within 3 or take the lead. I'll go ahead and make the prediction that the Wizards will still hold onto win this game. Mark it down.

5:45- Wow Lorenzo Romar was just shown to be in the stands. He's the coach of the team at the University of Washington. It looks like he stole Fonzie's leather jacket. Well done sir.

4:35- Arenas gets called for his 4th foul, but it's not like he's arguing with the refs or anything like that. He goes to the bench and seeks comfort from Darvin Ham. I mean, Michael Ruffin.

3:55- Both Collison and Wilcox have double-doubles already, and the game is tied 66-66.

3:08- In the same sequence, Wilcox grabs on offensive board and then scores on a shot where he didn't dunk. Apparently he can do it all, but only when playing against the Wizards. This is the same team that made Sergio Rodriguez look like John Stockton.

2:02- Andray Blatche comes back into the game and quickly grabs a rebound. He looks like a mix of Kevin Garnett and Bugs Bunny.

1:32- Bob Hill actually shows some emotion. Wow, he gets a T. See, the Sonics really do care.

:55- Buckhantz refers to Luke Ridnour as "amazing." It's a good thing he's not easily impressed.

:05- Blatche misses a wide open layup and the Sonics hurry to get the ball down and Wilcox hits a buzzer-beater near the free throw line. Normally I'd be surprised, but I'm a Wizards fan. Very interesting quarter...

Fourth Quarter

The Sonics are out-rebounding the Wiz 44-28 but the Wiz are still up 77-76. Should be a good quarter.

11:11- Daniels scores without falling on the ground. Good play.

9:54- Ever watch someone's home video of a rec or high school basketball game? You know how there's usually 1 or 2 people clapping in the background? That's the same feel I get from watching this game. Meanwhile, Arenas picks up his 5th foul. I'm worried.

9:23- Arenas hits his 6th 3-pointer and obviously is mad, but shockingly, Jordan leaves him in the game. I wonder what's going to happen now.

8:24- Is it just me or does Earl Watson look like one of the Mexican thugs who throw Ethan Hawke in the bathtub in "Training Day"?

This might be a good time to note that Wilcox has 23 points and 18 rebounds with 8 minutes to play. I'm shocked at how well he's playing.

7:35- Great play by Arenas- he gets fouled on the drive and still makes the layup. He makes the free throw for the 3 point play. He now has 38.

6:40- Watson drives the lane as if no one is there to stop him. I'm used to seeing this now.

6:16- Blatche gets a tip-in and is really playing hard. Wilcox also dunks again 10 seconds later. It's like someone using Shaq in NBA Live. Somehow this doesn't seem fair.

After seeing the Best Damn Sports Show commercial again for probably the fifth time, I still have no idea why John Salley is spinning around the camera. I need some answers.

5:35- Watson hits his 4th 3-pointer. The Wizards are up 98-93.

5:03- Lewis hits a 3-pointer. I have no idea why the Sonics don't play the lineup of Ridnour, Watson, Lewis, Wilcox, and Collison more often. It's obviously their best tonight. When Allen is healthy, why isn't this team better? This doesn't make sense to me. Maybe Bob Hill can come up with a math equation to make this easier to understand.

4:17- Daniels almost loses the ball but quickly calls a timeout in the corner. But he is close to the top of the league in assist to turnover ratio, and he's obviously a professional, so he can do what he wants. What a guy.

4:07- Great hustle by Blatche to grab a loose ball and then he gets tackled and loses the ball. Somehow in a scrum, the refs manage to give Seattle a timeout. How'd that happen?

3:49- In probably the best defensive sequence I've seen from the Wizards this year, Blatche blocks Lewis's shot, and then Arenas reads Watson's move and takes the ball from him.

3:39- In quality Buckhantz form, he praises the refs for calling a blocking foul instead of a charge on a play where Arenas drives to the hoop. But he's not a complete homer or anything. Not him.

3:14- I must be dreaming because it's been two great defensive series in a row for the Wiz. 100-96 Wiz.

2:48- That's more like it. Wilkins hits a wide open 3 for the Sonics.

2:20- Fans are actually cheering. It's almost like a real basketball atmosphere. This game will have a great finish.

1:30- Sonics up 1 after getting 2 offensive boards in a row. That's really the stat of the game.

1:13- Buckhantz gets amped for the first time after Jamison hits a 3. Then Lewis answers with another 3. Sonics up 1, 104-103.

:48- Arenas misses a layup. This is coming down to the wire. Need a stop, so it's not looking good.

:22- That's the Daniels I know. He's fouled pretty hard on a layup attempt and hits the ground hard. He hits the first. He makes the second- Wiz up 105-104. That's what I've been waiting for... Buckhantz tells fans to "hang onto their Chuck Taylor's." This guy is money.

Not feeling too confident about the Wizards chance to get a stop here. Should be interesting to say the least. But at least Michael Ruffin is in the game now. I feel so much better...

:14- I feel bad now. The Skull makes a great block on Rashard Lewis and the Wiz get the ball back. Sorry Mr. Ruffin. No more jokes about you today. I'm proud.

Songalia is fouled with about 14 seconds left. He hasn't been under this kind of pressure since dealing with Skip Prosser at Wake Forest.

He promptly bricks the first shot. He nails the second. Timeout Seattle. 106-104 Wiz.

:10- Ruffin called for a blocking foul. Two shots for Lewis. He hits both. Tie game.

WOW. As time expires, Arenas drives the lane and throws up a floater. I don't know how, but it managed to get in there. What a shot! Way to go Arenas.

Actually a really exciting game. Chenier was right, the team with the ball last would win the game. Good call by him.

Great win Wizards and good work Arenas. Take that Billy Hoyle...

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