Friday, March 2, 2007

A few random thoughts

Had an intramural basketball game yesterday. Usually I don't really want to discuss things that went wrong with a game or complain about anything because I just want to win. I've always been very competitive, however...

After the 2nd half with the other team up by around 8 or 9, they threw the ball in and held it. I was confused, what were they doing? This team was actually trying to set up a 4 corners offense and just hold the ball. Let me spell this out... IT'S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL!! The 2nd half had just started. I mean I really want to win, but I'd never, ever run 4 corners in intramurals just to win a game that means nothing at the end of the day. Even John Wooden would never approve of this. Dr. Naismith was turning in his grave. Apparently, the Frostburg intramural department needs to look into setting up a shot clock just when this team plays. I wonder if that team had scouted us and seen gametape that their coach had prepared for them...

I used to think I was pretty serious about hustling around the court and wanting to win. That ridiculous strategy blows anything else I've ever attempted out of the water. Maybe in order to even the score next time we play I'll just sneak over to the flip-scoreboard and when no one is looking, add some numbers to our score. I think that can work.


On a slightly less stupid note, according to an ESPN story, "the Lakers fined Vlad Radmanvich $500,000 Thursday -- nearly 10 percent of his $5.2 million season salary -- for violating his contract by snowboarding, which led to a separated shoulder injury. " Ok, so it's more stupid.

Could you imagine signing a contract or whatever with your job and having a clause in your contract to not do something? So you sign a contract that says you can't go sky diving or you can't eat donuts; I don't know, whatever. If you were going to have money taken out of your contract, you might not want to, I don't know, VIOLATE YOUR CONTRACT!!!

How would you be able to explain to anyone else what you did? "Well, I know I just lost about a fifth of my salary for this year, but it was really worth that last trip down the mountain. Man that was definitely worth 500k. I even got to pee my name in the snow afterwards!!"

I don't know what would be more hilarious... seeing Radmanovic having to explain he just lost 500K for doing something stupid or actually seeing Radmanovic snowboarding. Maybe next time he'll go tubing instead.

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