Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random Orioles Chats

Few conversations I have are more rewarding than the random Orioles chats I have with AJ. They can start at any time and range from a few minutes long to a few hours. They include naming as many random Orioles as possible and remembering the stupid times for this very confusing yet hilarious team. I still can't believe some of the players they had on the team, and I even forget a lot of the names until we talk about them. And if you're an Orioles fan and you read this, there's no doubt you'll laugh.

chilicheesedog18 (me): u go on the DL more than marty cordova though
FrederickTrack3 (AJ): shit
FrederickTrack3: ur nuts
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: you hit as many hrs as podsednik
FrederickTrack3: sry
chilicheesedog18: but that's ok
chilicheesedog18: it's not about the hrs
FrederickTrack3: thats right
chilicheesedog18: it's about the wins
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: you win as much as russ ortiz
chilicheesedog18: u win as much as hideo nomo does right now
FrederickTrack3: lol
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: u play as much as carl pavano does right now
FrederickTrack3: you got adam dunn K's
chilicheesedog18: u K more than me son
FrederickTrack3: thats fine
FrederickTrack3: hack wilson right her
chilicheesedog18: haha
FrederickTrack3: i mean really
FrederickTrack3: dont be mad
FrederickTrack3: cuz your name is geronimo berroa
chilicheesedog18: hahaha
chilicheesedog18: hey i thought of something earlier and couldn't remember
chilicheesedog18: who was that guy who came over from the mariners to the orioles for like a year or 2 and sucked
chilicheesedog18: like utility guy
FrederickTrack3: LOLOLOLOL
FrederickTrack3: u kno i know
FrederickTrack3: dont you"/
FrederickTrack3: you know i know
chilicheesedog18: was it amaral?
FrederickTrack3: RICH AMARAL
chilicheesedog18: YES
chilicheesedog18: i was right
FrederickTrack3: yup
FrederickTrack3: TERRIBLE
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: yeah i knew you'd know to
chilicheesedog18: we are masters
FrederickTrack3: yep
FrederickTrack3: we are
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: man i was mad i couldn't think of that until just now
FrederickTrack3: remember mark smith
chilicheesedog18: o yeah
chilicheesedog18: my favorite guy to bring up is lenny webster
FrederickTrack3: lol
FrederickTrack3: remember manager phil regan
FrederickTrack3: ill give you a name
FrederickTrack3: BRET BARBERIE
FrederickTrack3: remember
chilicheesedog18: lol i got you started
chilicheesedog18: i got those wheels turning
FrederickTrack3: JEFF MANTO!
chilicheesedog18: o god
chilicheesedog18: this is hurting me
chilicheesedog18: JEFF MANTO
FrederickTrack3: LOL
chilicheesedog18: that really made me laugh
FrederickTrack3: Jesse orosco
chilicheesedog18: like where are these guys now
FrederickTrack3: remember that bum
FrederickTrack3: no
FrederickTrack3: omg
chilicheesedog18: "dude, are you jeff manto???" "you played for the orioles right???"
FrederickTrack3: you remember jimmy haynes
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: i read an article on him
chilicheesedog18: JIMMY HAYNES
FrederickTrack3: he was sellin ant farms
chilicheesedog18: ROCKY COPPINGER
chilicheesedog18: RICK KRIVDA
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: if i find it again
FrederickTrack3: ill show u
FrederickTrack3: omg
FrederickTrack3: krivda
FrederickTrack3: alan mills
FrederickTrack3: remmeber when he hit
FrederickTrack3: strawberry
chilicheesedog18: TRAVIS DRISKILL
chilicheesedog18: YES
FrederickTrack3: he fuck dude up
chilicheesedog18: i know he did
chilicheesedog18: u remembered that one pitcher i asked you about a while ago
chilicheesedog18: i forgot his name again
chilicheesedog18: lol u remember jose mercedes
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: gregg olson!
chilicheesedog18: lol
FrederickTrack3: mark mclemore
chilicheesedog18: jeff reboulet, your boy
FrederickTrack3: I HATE HIM
FrederickTrack3: omg
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: todd zeile
chilicheesedog18: mike deveraux
chilicheesedog18: i hate zeile
chilicheesedog18: david wells
chilicheesedog18: fats on the team
chilicheesedog18: JIMMY KEY
FrederickTrack3: PETE INCAVIGILA
chilicheesedog18: HAHAHAH
FrederickTrack3: WAS FATS
chilicheesedog18: INVAVIGLIA HAHAHAHA
chilicheesedog18: where are they now... haha
chilicheesedog18: mike bordick
FrederickTrack3: EUGENE KINGSALE
FrederickTrack3: remmeber how fast
chilicheesedog18: oh no
FrederickTrack3: that mfer
FrederickTrack3: was
chilicheesedog18: they were like this dude is the fastest ever
chilicheesedog18: and he was sorry
chilicheesedog18: calvin pickering
FrederickTrack3: he could fly
FrederickTrack3: FATS
FrederickTrack3: he still plays
FrederickTrack3: billy ripken
chilicheesedog18: haha
chilicheesedog18: david dellucci when he was on the O's
FrederickTrack3: yes
chilicheesedog18: i got mad when he got picked by the diamondbacks
FrederickTrack3: aaron ledesma
chilicheesedog18: eww
chilicheesedog18: DAMIAN MOSS
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: OMG
FrederickTrack3: OMGGGG
FrederickTrack3: WORST TRADE EVER
chilicheesedog18: he was so awful
FrederickTrack3: WORST TRADE EVER
chilicheesedog18: all of the players in that trade sucked
chilicheesedog18: look at ponson now
FrederickTrack3: randy myers
chilicheesedog18: haha
chilicheesedog18: he was good
FrederickTrack3: ESTEBAN YAN
FrederickTrack3: OMG
chilicheesedog18: where is he now
chilicheesedog18: angels?
FrederickTrack3: joe carter
chilicheesedog18: that bum
FrederickTrack3: willie greene played too
chilicheesedog18: we get all these old guys
FrederickTrack3: for the orioles
FrederickTrack3: dont remember when
chilicheesedog18: like david segui
FrederickTrack3: but he did
chilicheesedog18: DELINO DESHIELDS
chilicheesedog18: hahahahaha
FrederickTrack3: i got one
FrederickTrack3: OMG
FrederickTrack3: i remember siavash told me bout this ddue
chilicheesedog18: delino had that one good year
FrederickTrack3: WILLIS OTANEZ
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: siavash
chilicheesedog18: huge nose guy?
FrederickTrack3: wa slike
FrederickTrack3: dude is so good
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: was like
chilicheesedog18: hahahaha
FrederickTrack3: willis otanez
FrederickTrack3: is so good
chilicheesedog18: that guy was retarded
FrederickTrack3: lol
FrederickTrack3: swore he was nasty at baseball
FrederickTrack3: doug johns
chilicheesedog18: oh man what was that lefty 1st baseman they got from texas
chilicheesedog18: LOL
chilicheesedog18: BINGO
FrederickTrack3: OMG
chilicheesedog18: i saw him on pros vs joes
chilicheesedog18: he really needs money i guess
FrederickTrack3: means he needs money
FrederickTrack3: LOL
chilicheesedog18: wow
FrederickTrack3: we said that
FrederickTrack3: same time
FrederickTrack3: timestamp
chilicheesedog18: man i gotta post this stuff somewhere
chilicheesedog18: i'm laughing at all these old orioles
FrederickTrack3: time stamp that
FrederickTrack3: exact same time
FrederickTrack3: lol
chilicheesedog18: hahaha
FrederickTrack3: hahah
FrederickTrack3: norm charlton
chilicheesedog18: holy crap
chilicheesedog18: the lefty from the mariners
chilicheesedog18: haha
FrederickTrack3: i dont remmeber
FrederickTrack3: many more
chilicheesedog18: chris richard
FrederickTrack3: cept like
FrederickTrack3: easy ones
FrederickTrack3: oh no
FrederickTrack3: lol
FrederickTrack3: CHARLES JOHNSON
chilicheesedog18: larry bigbie
chilicheesedog18: haha charles johnson
FrederickTrack3: eww
FrederickTrack3: ryan minor
chilicheesedog18: the worst oriole of all time
chilicheesedog18: ryan minor
chilicheesedog18: "the next ripken"
chilicheesedog18: sure
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: jesse garcia
FrederickTrack3: remember that cant miss prospect
chilicheesedog18: who was that guy they signed from the royals
chilicheesedog18: who was awful
FrederickTrack3: pitcher?
chilicheesedog18: hitter
chilicheesedog18: utility guy
chilicheesedog18: he sucked
chilicheesedog18: got him the year before last i believe
FrederickTrack3: umm
FrederickTrack3: dunno
chilicheesedog18: well first of all jason grimsley
FrederickTrack3: marrero?
FrederickTrack3: u talkin bout?
chilicheesedog18: YES
chilicheesedog18: ELI
chilicheesedog18: he was so bad
FrederickTrack3: or that scrub midre cummings
FrederickTrack3: they traded for that bum
chilicheesedog18: what about
chilicheesedog18: scott erickson
FrederickTrack3: hahahahah named one of the most sexiest athlets
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: didn't he beat some woman
FrederickTrack3: and everyone clowned him
FrederickTrack3: yes
chilicheesedog18: what a jerk
FrederickTrack3: tony batista
chilicheesedog18: haha
FrederickTrack3: fernando lunar!
chilicheesedog18: LOL
chilicheesedog18: that's a great one
FrederickTrack3: remeber we got him
FrederickTrack3: from braves
chilicheesedog18: yes
FrederickTrack3: when traded surhoff
chilicheesedog18: ben mcdonalds
FrederickTrack3: chris singleton
chilicheesedog18: mcdonald
chilicheesedog18: bj surhoff
FrederickTrack3: from white sox
chilicheesedog18: JIM POOLE
FrederickTrack3: WHO
chilicheesedog18: LOL
chilicheesedog18: mike oquist
FrederickTrack3: HOWIE CLARK
chilicheesedog18: HOWIE
chilicheesedog18: JOSH TOWERS
FrederickTrack3: ok
FrederickTrack3: i dont kno much more
FrederickTrack3: lol
chilicheesedog18: CHRIS SABO
chilicheesedog18: LOL
FrederickTrack3: EWWWW
FrederickTrack3: JOSE LEON
chilicheesedog18: JOSE LEON
chilicheesedog18: THAT'S CLASSIC
chilicheesedog18: LEO GOMEZ
chilicheesedog18: MARK SMITH
chilicheesedog18: harold baines
chilicheesedog18: lol
FrederickTrack3: I REMEMBER
FrederickTrack3: PAGHULARIO
chilicheesedog18: dude jeffrey hammonds
FrederickTrack3: or somethin
FrederickTrack3: he used to be good
chilicheesedog18: damon buford whoa
chilicheesedog18: u remember when they had moyer
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: they would have a pitchin staff
chilicheesedog18: that was the guy, kamieniecki
FrederickTrack3: schilling
FrederickTrack3: moyer
FrederickTrack3: mussina
chilicheesedog18: terry mathews
chilicheesedog18: that guy was awful
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: willis roberts
chilicheesedog18: LOL
chilicheesedog18: I REMEMBER THAT GUY
chilicheesedog18: wtf shawn boskie?
FrederickTrack3: poor steve bechler
chilicheesedog18: yeah that sucked
chilicheesedog18: u remember nerio rodriguez?
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: sorry fuck
chilicheesedog18: who the hell is tim laker lol
FrederickTrack3: dunno
FrederickTrack3: oooo
FrederickTrack3: OF for indians
FrederickTrack3: well used to be
chilicheesedog18: u remember tony tarasco in RF against the yankees
FrederickTrack3: fordyce
chilicheesedog18: that idiot was pissed
chilicheesedog18: holy crap
chilicheesedog18: brook fordyce
chilicheesedog18: i forgot
FrederickTrack3: yes
FrederickTrack3: that was recent
FrederickTrack3: 2003?
FrederickTrack3: or 2004?
chilicheesedog18: danny clyburn
chilicheesedog18: lol
FrederickTrack3: no my fav
FrederickTrack3: when they traded mora
FrederickTrack3: KINKADE
chilicheesedog18: mike kinkade
FrederickTrack3: and PAT GORMAN
chilicheesedog18: haha
FrederickTrack3: u kno the orioles had casey blake didnt u
chilicheesedog18: who is the young guy they got from the twins a while back
chilicheesedog18: no i didn't know that
FrederickTrack3: yeah they had casey blake
FrederickTrack3: got rid of him'
chilicheesedog18: wow
chilicheesedog18: garabito
FrederickTrack3: lol
FrederickTrack3: eddy!
FrederickTrack3: rockies organization
chilicheesedog18: who'd they get from the twins
chilicheesedog18: wasn't he on the keys or something
FrederickTrack3: twin?
chilicheesedog18: played ss
chilicheesedog18: they kept him on the roster all year
chilicheesedog18: morban?
FrederickTrack3: umm
FrederickTrack3: MORBAN
chilicheesedog18: wow
FrederickTrack3: hes somewhere
FrederickTrack3: rule 5 draftee
FrederickTrack3: CHUCK MCELROY
FrederickTrack3: from COLORADO
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: o no
FrederickTrack3: orioles trade ryan minor to montreal for jorge julio
chilicheesedog18: lol
chilicheesedog18: yeah
FrederickTrack3: orioles trade
FrederickTrack3: will clark
FrederickTrack3: to cardinals
FrederickTrack3: for jose leon
FrederickTrack3: orioles trade sidney ponson
FrederickTrack3: for damian moss
FrederickTrack3: kurt ainsworth
chilicheesedog18: that guy sucked
FrederickTrack3: and ryan hannaman
FrederickTrack3: lol
FrederickTrack3: ED ROGERS
FrederickTrack3: remember him
FrederickTrack3: that mfer
FrederickTrack3: on red sox
chilicheesedog18: lol

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  1. that is scary, and i fear for my life. how can you forget SAM HORN though? really.