Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ron Artest = Insane

First of all, everyone knows that Ron Artest is crazy. I mean, just look at that pattern he had in his hair. Man, his album was great though, wasn't it? Anyway, according to ESPN he's been arrested on domestic violence charges. First of all, I'm not surprised. Second of all, no one else in the world is either.

This is the same guy who charged into the stands after fans in Detroit while he was still playing for the Pacers. Apparently he shoved another woman at his home during a heated argument. That's not surprising. But what is surprising is the fact that she threw a pot at his Hummer, and it ended up shattering his windshield. If there's one person who you WOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WANT TO ANGER, wouldn't it be Ron Artest? I don't care who you are; I don't even care if you're Artest's own mother. I advise no one to ever, ever, throw anything in the direction of Ron Artest. Unless it's a stress ball. Or money.

I guess the only thing for him to do now is somehow end up with the Cincinnati Bengals. Let's make it happen...

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