Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wiz appear headed for embarrassing showdown

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We may find out on Sunday, when the Wizards (13-37, 0-25 on the road) travel to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers (8-44, losers of 25 straight games -- an NBA record). Either the Wizards finally win a road game, or the Cavaliers break their excruciating losing skid.

Only one thing could spoil this potential disastrous (or awesome, depending on how you view it) matchup: the Cavs winning one of their next two games. After losing in Dallas last night to the Mavericks, the Cavs begin an eight-game homestand on Wednesday against the Pistons (19-32). Then they face the Clippers (19-31) on Friday. Since the Wizards don't play on the road again until their trip to Cleveland, they can do nothing to stop this head-on collision.

Both losing stretches are terrible, though a team, I guess, would rather lose 25 straight on the road than 25 straight overall. (Not that anyone would want to choose between the two.) And by the time the two meet, the Cavs' streak could be up to 27 in a row (and the Wizards' own losing streak could be 10 games). It's up to the Wizards to extend the Cavs' streak when the time comes, or maybe they'll play bad enough to finally allow the Cavs to get their first win since December 18, when they beat the Knicks in overtime.

If the Wiz can't beat the Cavaliers in Cleveland, then maybe they won't win a road game all season. But they probably will. I hope.

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