Monday, February 7, 2011

Jordan Williams is making more free throws

This post isn't going to be amazingly thought-provoking or anything; the title says it all. When I last wrote about the Terps -- about a month ago -- Jordan Williams was still shooting about 50 percent from the free throw line (though he did make nine of 14 free throws that night). Including that game (on January 12), Williams has made 45 of 71 free throws -- about 63 percent.

Interestingly enough, Williams's field goal percentage is the same as his current free throw percentage: 55.4 percent. Williams's improvement at the line not only makes him a more efficient and dangerous player, but it also helps Maryland close out games and makes opposing teams pay for racking up cheap fouls. As a team, the Terps are up to 65 percent shooting from the line, so as Williams gets better from the line, so does the team (he has more than 100 more attempts than any other Terp).

Maryland still hasn't beaten a ranked team this season, and the Terps face a crucial part of their schedule. After a game against Longwood on Wednesday, Maryland plays at Boston College and then at Virginia Tech. The Terps have to win at least one of those games, and maybe both -- far from an easy task. They're going to need every single point to pull out those games, so hopefully Williams's better shooting from the line continues.

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