Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Rundown: bad baseball movies, NBA trades, Siragusa

Weekly Rundown is a combination of links and brief comments on stories and topics that I couldn't get to during the week. If there's something important that I missed, don't hesitate to send an email or leave a comment.
  • Never seen The Fan? You're lucky then. Here's a list of 10 bad baseball movies. [Big League Stew]

  • The Cavs traded for Shaq. The Magic acquired Vince Carter from the Nets. The Wizards sent the No. 5 pick and three players to the T'Wolves for Mike Miller and Randy Foye. The Spurs traded for Richard Jefferson. And the Hawks dealt for Jamal Crawford. Other deals could be in the works, but apparently the Pistons turned down a trade offer from the Celtics: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo for Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince, and Rip Hamilton. [Ball Don't Lie]

  • The Wizards, at least right now, are committed to keeping the core of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antawn Jamison together. [Washington Post]

  • Here's a surprise: Michael Wilbon didn't like the Wizards trade. [Washington Post]

  • Is it really that hard to spell Zimmerman? [D.C. Sports Bog]

  • Tony Siragusa ("Internet star"?) may be appearing on a show on Well, that plan certainly can't fail. [Awful Announcing]

  • I don't know much about Matt Hobgood, the latest first-round pick by the Orioles, but I like his attitude. [Camden Crazies]

  • Truth looks at both sides of the Wizards' decision to sell their second-round pick to the Rockets for $2.5 million instead of drafting DeJuan Blair. [Truth About It]

  • As Jake points out, it's time for Andray Blatche to step up this year. [Bullets Forever]

  • Were you aware that the Orioles are a horrible baserunning team? Peter Schmuck agrees. [The Schmuck Stops Here]

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