Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reporter dunks on kid, laughs about it

This past weekend I was on a little vacation, but I don't think I missed much. The Orioles lost all three of their games in Oakland with some awful performances, so not seeing any of that was fine. Plus, I did get to watch a great Game 2 of the NBA Finals, though the Lakers won in overtime as the refs continued to give them call after call.

Still, I'm glad to be back, if not just for stories like this one:

It isn’t often you get to see a grown man with few demonstrable basketball skills — you can tell from the one weak dribble — dunk on a small child. Even better, it isn’t often that small child takes the big angry man’s taunts seriously (then again, if you’re a small child, it’s hard to detect tongue-in-cheek ridicule). And even better than that, it’s even less often that the small child’s angry mother tries to salvage some shred of her family’s on-air dignity by holding her tearful spawn up to the reporter, in effect shaming him, before walking away from the camera in a huff.

After reading that, is there any possible way that you don't watch the following video?

My two favorite parts: 1) When the kid's mother gets bitter while the father keeps laughing in the background, and 2) the end of the clip when the WGN sports anchor (Pat Tomasulo -- the guy who dunks on the kid) pretends to apologize and says he feels "so powerful."

So, even if the Orioles keep playing horribly on the road and the Lakers win the NBA title, as long as reporters keep dunking on little kids, things will be just fine for the next few months.

(HT: Awful Announcing)

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