Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adam Jones had an interesting day

According to Craig Calcaterra of Circling the Bases, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones called into a radio show yesterday. Pretty normal, right? Well, apparently not, since not only did Jones do so while he was driving somewhere, but he also got pulled over by a police officer in the middle of the interview. Here's what happened:

. . . Jones was being interviewed via telephone on XM Radio's MLB Home Plate show a few minutes ago. Not just via telephone, but via cell phone, and not just via cell phone, but via cell phone while driving down the freakin' highway. MLB Home Plate producer Brent Gambill tweets the details:

    Adam Jones pulled over by police on MLB Home Plate. He said to officer, "I'm really on interview right now. . . I have to hang up with the interview. Hold on 1, 2 seconds? Can I hang-up with you guys?"
He called back into the show a few minutes later. Turns out he was pulled over for his windows being tinted too dark. Brent isn't sure where Jones was calling from, but he lives in Arizona, and they don't have a cell phone-while-driving law, so he got off lightly.

Wow. It's good that it wasn't for something serious, though, just his windows.

Normally, that's where the story would end, because it's really not that big of a deal. But Adam Jones's mother wanted to "set the record straight" and dispute some of the statements made by Calcaterra's commenters. Yes, I'm being serious; check it out:

Let me clarify any misconceptions that are currently out there with reference to my son Adam Jones being pulled over during his interview. First of all, Jonesy was on his way to pick me up for our weekly lunch date and was doing the interview via his cell phone with which he wears a headset, even though the laws in our state do not require he uses one. Second, while driving and doing the interview he was pulled over for his windows being too dark and NOTHING ELSE!!!!! Adam is a very conscientious young man and he knows RIGHT FROM WRONG! Not being biased, I am being honest. If our state had a no cell phone or text law he would abide by it, but we don't. This was not the problem!!!! The problem was his tint on his windows and if any of you have ever been to Arizona when it is 117 degrees or higher here, you would understand the circumstances!!!!

Adam happened to come directly to me after the stop and the interview and explained the ENTIRE SCENARIO and I can the entire situation because I also live in AZ and have been told that MY WINDOWS ARE TOO DARK, so what would that make me? 6 out of every 10 cars in certain parts of Arizona a tinted due to the extreme heat factor, so before you start paasing judgement, come on out to AZ and get heated in the 117 DEGREE SWELTERING HEAT AND THEN WE CAN TALK! Until then, STEP!!!!


Andrea Bradley, mother of Adam LaMarque Jones, Centerfielder for the Baltimore Orioles

I agree, the whole thing sounds like a joke, but Calcaterra insists that it's really her and that her IP address checks out. Jones's mother also responded to at least five comments, trying to let people know what really happened and how responsible her son is. And you know what? Good for both of them. Just be careful out there, Adam, because you've got a bright future ahead of you.

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