Tuesday, January 5, 2010

With Zorn gone, Redskins in talks with Shanahan

After firing Jim Zorn with one year left on his contract, Daniel Snyder, as expected, is in talks with Mike Shanahan to fill the team's head coaching vacancy. According to The Washington Post, Shanahan flew in on Snyder's private jet yesterday and met/talked with Snyder and Bruce Allen and "were expected" to do so "into the night." Sounds like fun.

The job is obviously Shanahan's to turn down, and why would he do so if he's reportedly being offered around $8-$10 million per season over five years? Anyway, look for him to be named head coach by the end of the week.

If Snyder can hire Shanahan, with Allen already on board as the team's general manager, then can this season really be called a failure? Well, sure it can. This organization was the laughingstock of the league this season, with an embarrassing loss to the Lions, a confusing sign ban at FedEx Field, and a circus of an offensive system after Zorn was stripped of his playcalling responsibilities (among many other things). However, the team's terrible performance did cause Vinny Cerrato to finally lose his job, which fans had been calling for for years, and even Zorn wore out his welcome with frustrating loss after frustrating loss.

This team has a lot of needs, but there's plenty of time to talk about that later. Hiring Allen was a step in the right direction, and now it's time to find the right coach. Is that Shanahan? We'll find out soon enough.

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