Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday playoff picks (Wild Card round)

I was all set to recap the regular season and my record this season picking games, and then I decided I'd rather keep picking games during the playoffs and see how I do. So, real quick, here are my two picks for today's matchups.

(Home team is in caps.)

BENGALS (-3) over Jets

I haven't been able to figure the Bengals out this year. When I think they're going to lose big, somehow they find a way to keep the game close and pull out a win. And like last week, when I think they'll play with some fire and ruin the Jets' chances of making the playoffs, they roll over and lay an egg.

But there has to be a reason why they didn't put up a fight last week. Are they relishing their chance to face a rookie quarterback who has to play his first playoff game on the road? Do they feel like they can stop the Jets' potent rushing attack? Or were they simply not concerned with who they'd face this week? Either way, I think the Bengals might know something we don't.

Eagles (+4) over COWBOYS

I really wanted to pick the Cowboys. I think they're the better team, and they have everything working for them right now: Tony Romo is playing well, they can run the ball, and their defense is getting to the quarterback with ease. The Eagles, on the other hand, just got destroyed last week in Dallas.

But I just can't pull the trigger. Maybe it's because I'm a Redskins fan, or maybe it's because I see the Eagles and Donovan McNabb actually showing up this week. Either way, I expect a much better game between these two.

Last week: 6-9-1
Season: 132-116-8

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