Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Redskins pursuing Cutler? (I hope not) (updated)

According to Jason La Canfora and Jason Reid on The Washington Post's Redskins Insider, the Redskins are trying to trade for Broncos' quarterback Jay Cutler.

Though there doesn't appear to be any concrete evidence yet, the two Jasons do cite the ever-popular "NFL source" on the matter:

One source said the Redskins are trying to complete the deal as quickly as possible although at least two other teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets, are also reportedly interested in acquiring Cutler. The two-year starter became available today when the Broncos announced they would trade him. Denver officials could not be reached for comment tonight.

The Redskins declined comment.

The source said Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder has been pushing for the trade in an attempt to finally solve the team's decades-long pursuit of a franchise quarterback.

Another NFL source said a high-ranking Redskins official contacted one NFL team today about the possibility of trading quarterback Jason Campbell for a second-round pick in the upcoming draft. That source said he interpreted the Redskins' overture as an attempt by Washington to put together a package to acquire Cutler.

Why did they put the "M." in there? Is there some other Daniel Snyder running the Redskins we should know about?

Anyway, such a trade would make sense for the Jets or the Bucs; they don't really have anyone else to play quarterback. And as Mr. Irrelevant explained earlier today, Jason Campbell isn't really that far behind Cutler in terms of talent. Just look at the numbers -- he's getting better!

There's also the whole added benefit of already having a full year in head coach Jim Zorn's offense. Trading for Cutler would make no sense, which is why it would fit Snyder's frequently bizarre offseason decisions. Throughout the offseason, everything from the organization, especially Vinny Cerrato, has been about how the upcoming season would be Campbell's first opportunity to play in the same offensive system for the second consecutive season. So, of course Snyder would randomly want to try to make the big splash by trading for a quarterback who not only refuses to believe he could be expendable on some level, but also fails to return numerous phone calls from his own team. That's the guy I'd want to build my franchise around!

No, I want the guy on my team who gives answers like this:

"I want to be here, I feel like there's a lot I want to accomplish and that's what I've been working to do, but you know it's not in your control," Campbell said. "All I can do is just keep doing what I'm doing, working hard and waiting to see what happens."

Sometimes a team doesn't need to seek out a franchise quarterback when a decent one is already on the roster -- especially when that same team has made so many poor decisions in the past.

How about sticking to a plan for once? Give Campbell the 2009-2010 season. See how he does. If he doesn't perform, then make a move. That would make some sense. But don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

If the Redskins do make the move for Cutler, it's going to be even harder to defend the front office's decision-making. (Especially since a move for Cutler would possibly signal the end of Jim Zorn's reign as coach in favor of Mike Shanahan.)


Update: ProFootballTalk has interesting updates here and here. This doesn't look good.

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