Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cowherd tries to take a shot at Steinberg -- and fails

I don't listen to ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd -- and I honestly don't know anyone who does -- but according to Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog, Cowherd mentioned Steinberg today on his show and even called him "an odd bird." Shockingly, it came while Cowherd was telling some long-winded story that involved bloggers.

Basically, Cowherd was saying that when he starts talking about bloggers on the air, he gets mentioned all the time in the blogosphere -- which must obviously mean he's really popular and doing something right. During his rant, Cowherd managed to compare himself to Alex Rodriguez by saying that people write bad stuff about him too, and his example in this case was something Steinberg wrote:

Remember that guy, about a year ago, it was two years ago...When was the Super Bowl in Phoenix? It wasn't last year, it was two years ago.

So there was a guy from the Washington Post, I don't know if he's still there, Dave or Dan. He was sort of a quiet guy, he was a bald guy with glasses, and apparently he was just writing terrible things about me in The Washington Post. 'Blah blah blah.'

So he comes up to me and he goes, 'I've written terrible things about you, I've just been very harsh to you, would you mind talking?' And he was sort of an odd bird, but I said, 'You know, go ahead, I don't care. You're a blogger, you have a right to rip me. People rip me all the time, I don't care.'

Steinberg linked to the Cowherd post he wrote back in January of 2008, and it hardly "rips [Cowherd] to shreds" as he says.

But anyway, the funniest part comes at the end:

You know, all these blogosphere guys, take shots at me. You're not doing that about the overnight guy at Fox Sports Radio. Same with Alex Rodriguez. Hell, you can write a book about him, I'll buy it. He's interesting. You're not writing books about guys with the Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres. So yeah, you've got to be careful about all this stuff.

"Blogosphere guys" (and many non-bloggers) take shots at Cowherd because they can't understand how he's on the radio. Sure, he may bring in plenty of listeners, but he also says stupid things for no reason and is extremely annoying. There's so many cases of Cowherd saying outlandish things that it's not even worth noting -- well, maybe just one awesome one.

I used to listen to sports talk radio all the time in the morning, but ESPN Radio's combination of Mike and Mike followed by Cowherd is unbearable.

So Cowherd, keep thinking that you're sports talk radio's version of A-Rod and believing that everyone is out to get you. In reality, you're just making a fool of yourself -- especially with this bizarre hatred of bloggers.

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