Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tatum Bell pulls an Albert Connell?

I'm still not sure if the story has been officially confirmed yet, but I figured I would link to this report on ProFootballTalk about an odd situation with the Detroit Lions.

Apparently when Rudi Johnson came to meet with team officials on Monday, Johnson couldn't find his bags after agreeing to a deal with the team.

"So when Johnson came back to get his bags, they were nowhere to be found. Johnson and Millen were stumped.

Enter the eye in the sky.

The team checked the videotapes generated by the team’s in-house surveillance system, and they quickly identified the culprit.

So who might it have been? None other than Tatum Bell, who lost his gig with the Lions after Rudi arrived."

I'm sure we'll find out soon if this story is completely accurate. If it is, it's one of the funniest/strangest I've read or heard about in a long time.

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