Sunday, October 7, 2012

Angelos reportedly 'happy' after O's wild card win

I'm almost positive I know what you were thinking after the Orioles defeated the Rangers 5-1 in the inaugural American League wild card one-game playoff: Where is Peter Angelos right now, and what is he thinking after such a thrilling victory?

Well, apparently Angelos watched the game at a Towson restaurant, and here's what the owner had to say about Angelos's demeanor after the game:
"He's not overly ecstatic. But he was happy. And then he went home," [Carol] Troia said.
Considering Angelos is 83 years old, that's acceptable, I guess. Then again, it would have been way better if he had ordered dessert for everyone after leading a rousing rendition of "Orioles Magic." Actually, I'm going to believe he did that instead.