Thursday, May 24, 2012

Betemit and Andino, platoon partners?

If Brian Roberts does indeed come back fully healthy sometime in June and begins to play again nearly every day, Robert Andino will be forced into some kind of utility role. Andino's best skill is his defense, and he can at least play adequate (or better) defense at second, shortstop, and third. Since the Orioles don't necessarily have a regular third baseman at the moment, perhaps Andino could platoon there along with Wilson Betemit. Here are their career splits vs. right- and left-handed pitching:

Wilson Betemit
vs. R: 1,393 at-bats, .276/.345/.472
vs. L: 468 at-bats, .239/.297/.376

Robert Andino
vs. R: 714 at-bats, .237/.298/.325
vs. L: 305 at-bats, .272/.316/.361

Andino's numbers aren't that much better than Betemit's against lefties, but they are better. And it's pretty clear that Betemit is a much better hitter from the left side of the plate.

This is just one possible option of many that Buck Showalter will have to choose from. And it's not like Andino or Betemit (.292 OBP), despite some key hits, have been all that great at the plate anyway.