Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ernie Grunfeld keeps his job, for some reason

As reported by Michael Lee of The Washington Post, Ernie Grunfeld will remain with the Wizards for at least one more season. It had been widely, and reasonably, speculated that Grunfeld would lose his job and that Ted Leonsis would go in a different direction, but that is not the case.

I'm on the replace Grunfeld bandwagon -- and so are 52 percent of people who voted on the poll in Lee's article (they are "strongly opposed to Grunfeld's return"). I've already presented most of my thoughts on Grunfeld in previous articles, but this should speak for itself. Grunfeld was hired in June 2003; here are the Wizards' regular season records under his watch:

2003-04: 25-57
2004-05: 45-37
2005-06: 42-40
2006-07: 41-41
2007-08: 43-39
2008-09: 19-63
2009-10: 26-56
2010-11: 23-59
2011-12: 18-46 (2 games remaining)

That's not good enough. Are those the results of someone who a team really wants to have around for nearly a decade? I don't think so.