Tuesday, August 16, 2011

O's do something right, sign their top draft picks

The biggest question mark for the Orioles heading into last night was whether they were going to sign three of their top draft picks: Dylan Bundy (1st round), Jason Esposito (2nd), and Nick Delmonico (6th). Surprisingly, the O's got deals done with all three, which will add some badly needed talent to the organization's farm system.

Bundy, the fourth overall pick and the first high school pitcher selected, received the major league contract he had been seeking. (Click here for an explanation.) Bundy's deal is apparently worth a little more than $6 million, with a $4 million bonus. That bonus seems a little low, so it's possible that Bundy sacrificed some bonus money in exchange for the major league contract. For those wondering if it was a good idea to give Bundy that major league deal, here's Keith Law's take:

Yes. He is the exception. RT @MrFish0: @keithlaw Okay with Bundy getting a ML contract?Tue Aug 16 05:07:32 via Seesmic

Law agreeing with an Orioles decision? That's good to hear.

The O's also reached agreements with Esposito ($600,000 bonus) and Delmonico ($1.525 bonus).

As expected, Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan is thrilled: "It's a great day, we got everything we wanted today. We had all the support like we always do from Andy (MacPhail) and Mr. Angelos. I don't know how the hell it could have been a better day."

That's a great way to sum things up, and the O's certainly did a great job of making sure deals with those three guys got done. But now comes the hard part for a struggling organization: actually developing these prospects and getting them to realize their potential. But there will be plenty of time to discuss that later. For one day at least, O's fans can be happy that the front office did something positive.

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