Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oddly, Redskins fire team blogger Matt Terl

Wondering how the Redskins make decisions as an organization is increasingly becoming a useless task, but they made yet another curious one when they recently decided not to bring back Matt Terl, the team's official blogger at Redskins Blog.

Here's what happened, via The Washington Post's Erik Wemple:
According to Redskins spokesperson Tony Wyllie, Terl has fallen victim to a “restructuring” of the team’s department of broadcasting and Internet.

Will the team hire a replacement? “We’ll announce what we’re doing once everything’s all set,” says Wyllie. Pressed further, Wyllie offered the Standard Executive’s Personnel-Matter Comment Exemption.

When asked what’s up, Terl said he’s “guessing I’m laid off. It’s not for performance or anything of that nature.” His last post is about a fifth-round draft pick’s thoughts on the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

“That’s a staggeringly dumb last post,” says Terl.
Instead of simply being a shill for the team, Terl provided lots of interesting and original content in a refreshing way -- a shocking thing considering he worked for the Redskins. But the team wants to go in a different direction, and I guess it's their right to do so. But it's still a peculiar move; not only did Terl do a great job, but I honestly can't remember reading anything negative about his work. Sure, the cartoons were kind of wacky, but they didn't take away from the solid work on the website, either.

Terl also linked to one of my posts (here, about Cam Newton), which was pretty cool. I don't get many readers, but that post is one of the most-read items on this site. My take was listed below an entry from Bleacher Report, but it was still an honor to have a link on the team's official blog.

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