Monday, April 25, 2011

O's offensive struggles continue

Through 20 games, the Orioles (8-12) have gotten progressively worse. When the offense wasn't scoring many runs to start the season, the starters picked up the slack. On a team with young, inconsistent pitching, that will only work for so long.

It's not shocking to point out that the offense has been awful. Still, looking at the actual numbers is disappointing:

wOBA: .293 (t-4th worst)
OBP: .287 (2nd worst)
SLG: .369 (t-8th worst)
BABIP: .255 (worst)
BB%: 6.8% (t-3rd worst)
K%: 19.6% (t-9th best)

That's right, the O's new-and-improved offense is currently sporting a .656 OPS. You know who has a career .656 OPS? Willie Bloomquist. And at least he has some speed.

The O's collective .255 BABIP indicates that they've been somewhat unlucky, but they also rarely walk and are content to attack pitches early in the count. It almost goes without saying, but a lot can change after only 20 games. Some more hits will almost surely start dropping in, creating more scoring opportunities. With that being said, it's concerning that more runners aren't getting on base more often. Only three Orioles (Matt Wieters, Brian Roberts, and Robert Andino) have OBPs over .300; that's not exactly a recipe for success.

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