Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 9 picks

OK, so it's Week 9, which also happens to be the Redskins' bye week. Maybe that, for some reason, will give me the spark I've needed to go on a little run. (Probably not.)

BILLS (+3) over Bears

The Bills are the last winless team, but they've still played several close games. In the last two weeks, they've lost to the Ravens and Chiefs, two pretty good teams, by a field goal each. I'm not saying that they'll break through this week, but they certainly have the chance to do so.

TEXANS (+3) over Chargers

A healthy Chargers team is probably better than the Texans, but San Diego will have two things working against them: 1) they're on the road, and 2) they'll likely be without Antonio Gates, arguably their best player. Philip Rivers can still find other receivers, and he's already having a fantastic season, but losing Gates will be one lost weapon too many for this offense.

Saints (-6.5) over PANTHERS

These two teams played a close game in Week 4 (Saints 16, Panthers 14), but I have absolutely no confidence in picking the 1-6 Panthers for any reason. The Saints (5-3) also need this win to keep pace with the Falcons and Buccaneers (both 5-2).

VIKINGS (-8) over Cardinals

Is Brett Favre going to play in this one? Probably, I guess, but either way he should be handing the ball off a ton to Adrian Peterson this week (and every week, for that matter).

Buccaneers (+8.5) over FALCONS

Just a guess here, though I could see the Bucs getting blown out in this one.

Jets (-4) over LIONS

Unlike the Redskins, the Jets will be able to block the Lions' strong defensive line. And that will make an enormous difference.

Dolphins (+5) over RAVENS

The Ravens had the bye week to get healthy and sort things out, but I still think this could be a close game -- maybe one that comes down to a late field goal.

Patriots (-5) over BROWNS

The Patriots have everything working now, don't they? They should be able to get by the Browns without a problem.

Giants (-7) over SEAHAWKS

Charlie Whitehurst will be starting at quarterback for the Seahawks. In a completely related note, I like the Giants.

Chiefs (+3) over RAIDERS

The Raiders have blown out two teams in a row, but neither team could run the ball like the Chiefs can. This is actually a huge game for both teams -- and don't get me wrong, the Raiders have been impressive lately -- but I think the Chiefs are a little bit better.

Colts (+3) over EAGLES

Michael Vick is back; is he completely healthy? Will he show any rust? Still, this game could go either way, though I do think the Colts are better.

PACKERS (-8) over Cowboys

If the Cowboys haven't given up the last few weeks, then maybe they're just really, really bad. Either way, I'll go with Green Bay.

Steelers (-5) over BENGALS

The Steelers only scored 10 points last week. They won't be held down in consecutive weeks, and the defense should be able to force several turnovers in this one.

Last week: 5-8
Season: 51-62-4

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