Friday, October 22, 2010

Crowley's role with the O's could be changing

According to Jeff Zrebiec of Orioles Insider, Terry Crowley's tenure as hitting coach could be coming to an end. No final decision has been made, but apparently the Orioles "are currently discussing an adviser/instructor type position" for Crowley, enabling him to stay in the organization.

Zrebiec explains more about the potential move:
The deal has not been finalized, according to multiple sources, and the Orioles remain open to Crowley returning for his 13th straight season as Orioles’ hitting coaching and his 17th overall.

However, the club, wanting to take advantage of Crowley’s ability to evaluate hitters, has been mostly talking to the 63-year-old about a different role, one in which he will still work with both major league and minor league hitters during spring training, but also assist in scouting and evaluating potential trade, free agent or draft targets. Either way, Crowley will still factor prominently in the instruction of hitters in the organization.
Zrebiec also notes Crowley's popularity among O's players because of his "work ethic and positive reinforcement." And you know what? That's fine, and I respect that. I'm sure Crowley is a great guy, but one of the main criticisms of Crowley is that many O's hitters develop a free-swinging approach under him, or at least they aren't patient enough and don't draw many walks.

If the move becomes official, it'll be worth taking a closer look at Crowley and how O's hitters have developed (or not) under him. But, for now, let's see what Buck Showalter and the O's front office decides.

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