Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's time to do something

The Orioles' record is 15-38, the worst in the majors. Their -88 run differential is third-worst behind the Pirates (-128) and the Astros (-96). In their last 10 games, the O's are 1-9; in their last five (all losses), they've only scored five runs and, frankly, the games haven't been very competitive.

Most O's fans figured the team would be bad this year, but not this bad. The worst part, though, has to be the lack of progress by a couple of the team's young players. Take a look:

Adam Jones: (2010) .249/.271/.376, 2.3 BB%, 21.1 K%; (career) .265/.309/.412, 5.0 BB%, 22.2 K%
Matt Wieters: (2010) .240/.314/.337, 9.3 BB%, 23.4 K%; (2009) .288/.340/.412, 7.3 BB%, 24.3 K%

Yes, it's early June, and Jones and Wieters still have plenty of time to turn their seasons around. But the regression particularly by Jones this season has been awful to watch. Opposing pitchers seemingly have figured him out, and Jones has been helping them out by swinging at more pitches out of the strike zone and fewer pitches in the zone. I examined Wieters's struggles last week, and while it's not time to panic yet, his lack of power is at least a slight concern at this point.

Other concerns: Nick Markakis's lack of power; Nolan Reimold's extremely slow start that led to his demotion to Norfolk (and he's still struggling); Brad Bergesen's huge step back and lack of control; and David Hernandez's move to the bullpen after a mediocre performance in the rotation.

Obviously there are more, including a ton of injuries. Even Brian Matusz has taken a step back in his last few starts. But, the important question is: Now what? It's not like there are a ton of answers in the minors to help improve the team's offense. There is some quality pitching, including Jake Arrieta and company, so that's at least a positive.

But what about the coaching staff? Dave Trembley may not necessarily deserve to be fired -- after all, it's not like the O's are a team overflowing with talent right now -- but it's hard to imagine him hanging around much longer. The same goes for Terry Crowley, who hasn't had much success working with young O's hitters except for maybe Felix Pie, who can't stay healthy.

Basically, the O's front office just needs to do something. The team's play up to this point has been unacceptable, and if that leads to a coaching change, then so be it.

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