Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taylor's locked to be moved, put on display at FedEx Field

According to Redskins Insider's Rick Maese, the Redskins have made a decision on what to do with Sean Taylor's locker from Redskins Park:

Two and a half years after Sean Taylor's death, the locker room memorial for one of the Redskins' most beloved players is being removed from Redskins Park. The locker will reappear before the start of the season at FedEx Field, situated in the club level and open for public viewing.

The locker had been mostly untouched since Taylor's death on Nov. 27, 2007, but it is no longer present in the locker room. In its place, wood paneling temporarily covers the empty space. A new locker is expected to be installed soon and a new player will occupy Taylor's old place in the locker room.

The decision to move the locker was surely a difficult one for the team's new leaders. On the one hand, everyone in the organization is eager to begin a new chapter and start anew after a couple of frustrating seasons. On the other, Taylor's death rocked the franchise -- from players to fans -- and his preserved locker was a very visible way for the team to honor his memory.

"We wanted to respect Sean's memory and find an appropriate place to display the locker he used every day at Redskins Park," General Manager Bruce Allen said in a statement provided to The Post. "We know how much Sean meant and still means to our fans and we are happy to be able to share this with them."

At some point between the team's April 24 draft party and the start of the season, the locker will be moved to the Club A tower of FedEx Field. Only club-level ticketholders will be able to view the locker on gamedays, but team officials say fans will be able to visit the locker during other events and during stadium tours.

I think that's fine, but it's unfortunate that "[o]nly club-level ticketholders will be able to view the locker on gamedays." Don't all ticketholders deserve the chance to view Taylor's locker?

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