Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Arenas wouldn't mind the return of Juan Dixon

Arenas, who updated his NBA.com blog yesterday, wrote that he would welcome Juan Dixon back to the Wizards. He also commented on Dixon's strong ability to put up points.

Juan is one of those players out there that needs a team, because he can really help out with scoring. He needs a team to just let him play. I’ve played with a lot of players in my time in the league, and he has to be one of the top five I’ve played with in terms of points per minute. He’s just a high volume scorer. If you gave him 40-plus minutes of playing time, he’d give you 20-plus points per game average. He’s like a bigger Ben Gordon. We’ll see where he ends up. I’ll take him back in D.C. right now.

Surpringly, Arenas also thinks that Kwame Brown could turn into a decent player now that he's with the Pistons.

He’s in a quieter city now, he’s 26-years old, he’s on a veteran team, he’s growing up. In the past in D.C. and L.A. it was a case of him being a big kid in a big city, now he can settle his career down. You know that Sheed and McDyess and those other bigs will help him develop and this should be the best time of his career because in Detroit, the bigs get touches in the offense.

Or, if he doesn't show improvement, things like this could just keep happening repeatedly...

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