Friday, June 6, 2008

Brief thought on the Joba Chamberlain situation

I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it, but this is just a quick opinion on the whole Joba Chamberlain situation and how the Yankees are handling it:

The Yankees have handled the Joba Chamberlain situation all wrong. Since when is during the season (for the New York Yankees of all teams) the best time to transform a late-inning reliever into a starter?

If they want to do it the right way, the front office should either send him to Triple-A so he can really get his innings and pitch counts in, or they should just wait until the season is over and have him prepare in the offseason and in spring training next year.

If he fails, everyone will assume the Yankees made the wrong choice, not to mention he'll keep losing confidence. And if he pitches well and stays in the rotation for the whole season, the Yankees have a huge hole in the 7th and 8th innings in order to get the ball to Mariano Rivera with little help in sight. The whole situation seems rushed and stupid.

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