Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some Notes on a Friday

I haven't had a chance to post for a while, but I've been pretty busy. I'll keep trying to post when I can. Without further ado...

-- I'm not sure if anyone saw this story a couple days ago about the leaking of information about the admissions by Calvin Johnson, Amobi Okoye, and Gaines Adams to smoking marijuana before. Really, this is a big issue? I'm pretty sure there are lots of NFL hopefuls, not to mention players already in the NFL, who have not only smoked pot before, but have done worse things than that. I wish more players would stand up and admit what they've done like these three guys have. And besides, after the hefty suspensions of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, it's good to get the overall topic out in the open. Athletes are not perfect; they're only human too. To act shocked about serious topics similar to this one is just stupid. Let's be serious for once.

-- On a similar note, I'm glad to see the Chiefs' Jared Allen, suspended four games for his second DUI of the year, has really been paying attention to some of the problems the NFL has had over the past several years. He must slept through the league finally standing up and punishing repeat offenders like Henry for driving drunk. I've said this before, and I'll say it again -- why can't athletes simply get someone to drive them around or even just get a taxi if they want to go drink? Is that too much to ask for? It just seems like a solution to a surprisingly difficult question. I'm sure Tony La Russa knows what I'm talking about.

-- I don't mean to be picking on the NFL or its players, but here's another odd situation from the past week. Apparently after a raid, police found many neglected dogs in a Virginia home owned by Michael Vick. Now, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions here. Vick has already answered some questions and stated that he never stays in that house and that some of his friends and family take care of it. So, basically, he's placing the blame on them, which is fine if he's never there. However, this is the second major story of Vick in the news for a negative issue, the other being with his strange water bottle with a secret compartment confiscated by police at an airport a few months ago. Sometimes accidents happen and that's fine. But sometimes patterns develop as well, and then someone needs to be held accountable. Is that person Vick? He's certainly been involved in some coincidences, and time will tell what happens with him.

-- To get away from the NFL, I would just like to thank Chris Ray for his special contributions to Orioles fans so early in the season. It takes a tremendous effort from someone with so much talent to give up two game-winning grand slams to the opposition in less than 25 games played. It's one thing to give up a home run to Alex Rodriguez since apparently the whole league has been doing that, but it's another to give up a grand slam to Wily Mo Pena. Keep up the good, I mean bad, work, Mr. Ray. And to think, I had so much hope after that sweep of the Royals. Nice.

-- I'd also like to comment on what I think will happen during the NFL Draft, but I actually have no clue what will happen. Big surprise, right? Take a look for yourself. Go to google and type in 2007 NFL Draft and see how many mock drafts you can find. Just about every sports personality or ego has his or her own opinion on what's going to happen. And you know what? None of them will be right. None will be even close. Putting together mock drafts for the NFL is one of the most useless wastes of time, and after a while, I get tired of reading them. Some people get mad about seeing what amazing analysts, like Mel Kiper Jr., think their team will do. And while he undoubtedly knows more about college prospects and players than any other human ever will, even he misses many of his projections for the first round about every year. My advice? Don't get caught up in the hype. Just try and know some players and try rooting for your team to get a solid player. Enjoy the draft -- people don't need to guess the outcome for it to have meaning. They're wasting their time anyway. But special thanks to ESPN for running their 1,543 part series on the NFL Draft this year. Could we get some more coverage next year? Good.

-- I was going to write more, but I just saw that the Orioles just gave up an inside the park home run. Bring back Sid Fernandez.

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